For one of my most recent modules at university we had to write a three minute screenplay. We had to write a synopsis, followed by a treatment and then concluded with the actual screenplay itself. As part of our coursework we had to read someone else’s script and then write a report on it, discussing how well it was written and whether or not we’d consider the script or the writer.

I really enjoyed this module as it allowed me to be creative by thinking of my own story based on the brief and then bringing it to life. My group ended up filming my screenplay, with some minor practicality adjustments (we were unable to get hold of a house and a young child to play the son). So this got me to thinking about writing more. Writing, for me at least, is something that is not only fun, but is also productive as it is a skill I need for the area of work I want to go in to.

I may have mentioned in my first post of this blog that I was considering doing reviews. I have taken some notes on the books I have read in the past few months and am considering reviewing them. I will be trying to avoid spoilers whilst being as articulate, honest and informative as I possibly can. The books I plan on reviewing are The Fault in Our Stars, A Street Cat Named BobThe Shock of the Fall and The Help. I may also do a blog post about Eat. Pray. Love. That post may end up being a mix of personal reflection as well as a review. This is because I personally feel that it is a fantastic book to read if you are feeling a bit lost and unsure of your life. The book reviews will hopefully allow me to improve my professional writing. Doing reviews on a regular basis will also maybe mean that I have to stick to my own deadlines, improving my time-keeping, blah blah yaddah yaddah.

Back to the point about the screenplays. That part of the module inspired me to come up with my own short films to write synopsis’ and treatments about before putting my ideas on to paper with a view to having them shot. I have also considered writing short stories which I would then adapt in to screenplays. My course is allowing us creative freedom over the next few weeks. I have the gorgeous notebook at my side right now just waiting to be filled with whatever crazy ideas I come up with. I might start doing, say, 2 blog posts a week. One will be what I’ve been up to during that week and the other will be a book review or something else (possibly a weekly favourite post).



I went to my very first grading in Wolverhampton with two other people and our Sensei. I was so nervous, but didn’t let it take over. We were put under pressure and challenged, but it paid off in the end. Now that I actually have my first coloured belt I feel a lot more confident. I’ve proved to myself that I can work hard and achieve something. Pay attention, 14-year-old self.

Goodnight :)   X

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What type of film maker do I want to be?

I’ve thought about this question since standing up in front of my year by a lecturer when presenting my poorly-photoshopped logo of Impala antlers with the line title ‘Impala Films’ placed just off-centre between the two antlers.

I stood there in silence, completely lost for words. I hadn’t even thought about this. I thought that my film company would just produce work that I did. So I just said “Anything, really”. Smoooooth.

So lately I’ve been taking some serious thought in to the type of film maker I want to be. I have always loved documentary and music videos. Documentary allows the film maker to portray the world – accurately or inaccurately – as they want it, while music videos visually represent the message that the song conveys, reinforcing the lyrics (unless it’s a Bon Jovi video).

I spoke to my friend Mathew a month or so ago about doing a short documentary film about his interests in circus and fire performance. He agreed to it and I am currently writing out notes for the production, e.g. the shots and shooting locations. I’ll also be interviewing Mat so his voiceover will narrate the documentary. This makes the documentary more personal as Mat is telling the viewer his story in his own words: not his words manipulated and then told by someone else.

I have been inspired by the popular Facebook page Humans of New York - where a person or group are photographed and have a brief story about themselves – and my most recent university group project has inspired me to find people with interesting stories and display them in a creative, visual way. I feel that if I build up a portfolio of short films about people then I can make documentary film my core specialist genre.





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Overdue resolutions

I slacked off immensely over the Christmas break and over these past four weeks of my second semester. I’ve been busy!

University has picked up since we came back from our break. Although the more frequent assignments have been a little stressful, it’s also been fun. I feel that a little bit more work to do makes me feel more productive on my days off and also makes me more grateful of any free time I have. I plan to be productive when I’m not busy, though. I’ve decided to read more and write in a personal notebook any ideas I may have for a project which I can do in the Easter and Summer holidays. For instance, I plan on making a short documentary about my friend who breaths fire. No, his name is not Smaug and he is not a dragon.

With regards to reading, I recently read The Fault in our Stars by John Green. It’s the first book which has made me cry and it only took three days for me to read it. I read it in my free time, meaning it only actually took me about 6…ish hours to read. That’s good for me because I barely ever read!

So, resolution number 1 is read more! Finishing a book is a really satisfying feeling but also is quite sad because in some cases you don’t want the book to end (hence why I’m slowing down on my Supernatural intake). It’s a satisfying feeling because you feel you’ve accomplished something, like when you finally finish a piece of coursework, only in this case it’s less of a chore. Also, it leaves a lot to your imagination and has no time limit.

Number 2 is blog more! In order to avoid a harsh routine of only living the life of a student who has nothing to do besides assigned work, I’m going to try and write more…on this blog and my Uni blog. I’ll be using this blog for my thoughts/arguments in order to try and be more vocal (hence the title Trying to think and be articulate at the same time). I’ve been considering writing a blog post on how, quite often, sales assistants are treated like shit.

3! Write! I purchased a gorgeous simplistic notebook from WHSmith and I’m going to use it specifically for writing down any creative ideas I have, no matter how silly or ambitious. It’ll be my own independent book which isn’t in any way attached to University.

Oh, and I’m continuing my Spanish!


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I’m not sure what I want to write, but I feel that I have to because there is so much going on in my mind that I want to say but it’s just putting said things into words. I want to tell you about my day; I want to tell you about Christmas; I want to tell you about Sherlock and how I want to start watching Supernatural; I want to tell you about how I started a Pirates of the Caribbean story on FanFiction a few years ago and abandoned it; I want to tell you ideas for short stories that I’ve had because I’m actually good at creative writing and for the course I’m doing that is a good skill.

So, you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to talk about those things. Not in extreme detail, but just get them out of my mind and on to your computer screen.

Today I met up with my lovely female friends from my A2 Media class. We went to Nando’s like we did after our exam in the Summer and had a lovely catch-up where we talked about what we’re doing education-wise (Polly is going to work in New Zealand and Australia for a year!). They were sending SnapChats to each other so I downloaded the app myself. Most of the pictures I’ve sent are of me making myself look like a worm.

We then went to an American bar for a pitcher of Sex on the Beach where we wore cocktail umbrellas in our hair and messed around. Our next stop was the local Wetherspoons where we had yet more cocktails, sent more SnapChats and Millie and I talked about our favourite ships. Not the nautical vehicles – our OTPs. Afterwards, we went to a department store to pester Millie’s boyfriend and look at all the fancy Christmas gifts. We went our separate ways and I waited with Polly for her bus before going home. More SnapChats were sent :P

CHRISTMAS! Christmas for me is going to be a bit different this year. My grandparents are going to visit my uncle in Vegas, so we’re not going to have Nannie Jackie’s Christmas dinner this year. Well…not on Christmas day anyway. We’re going round on Saturday for an early Christmas dinner. On the 25th, we’re having dinner at my house then going over to see my Auntie and Uncle for nibblies in the afternoon. At least, that’s the impression I’ve been given.

In the Christmas holidays I’m going to meet up with as many people as I can! I was a producer for my college radio station and want to surprise the presenters I had last year. They’re all close friends so hopefully I’ll catch all three of them. My friend and I referred to them as ‘the babies’ and we treated them with food on my last day.


I was one of the millions of people who watched Sherlock Holmes ‘die’ from leaping off the roof of St. Bart’s hospital in the sixth episode of BBC’s Sherlock. He reappeared only a few minutes later, but still…

We’ve been waiting two years. A mid-season hiatus from The Walking Dead is emotionally draining enough, as is a year-long wait for the next series. Two years is enough to make any fanatic start obsessively drawing on the walls.

I’m interested to see how John Watson reacts to see his best friend appear from the dead, having moved on with his life and finding love. Also, how did Sherlock cheat death? Who knew about it? So many questions!

Oh, and Tumblr has pushed me to the edge. Having seen so many damn Supernatural gifsets, photosets, fan art and what have you, I have finally decided to watch it. Conveniently enough, I caved close to Christmas, so I simply asked for the DVDs as a present. I won’t lie – I want to see how the relationship between Castiel and Dean develops. It seems to be a ship which sails itself. I’m partial to a bit of shipping myself, so I’m really looking forward to watching it. Obviously, I’m going to watch it for the story, too (shifty eyes).

When I was about 11-years-old, when looking for stories about Robin and Starfire from Teen Titans I found the treasure chest that is FanFiction.net. I was amazed that I had actually found a place where other people wrote about their favourite T.V. shows and even wrote crossover fan fiction. Oh my God, it was heaven!

Anyway, I made an account and to be perfectly honest I can’t really remember what I wrote about. But after a short break, I changed my username and said that I would start writing better stories. I started a Pirates of the Carribbean story about a young girl who lived in Tortuga with her mother, who worked as a prostitute in order to keep them alive. I didn’t develop the story too far, but it would turn out that the girl was Jack’s bastard daughter. They would meet eventually, but, like I said, the story wasn’t developed.

The point in me mentioning this is that I have a bad habit of starting stories, then losing confidence in what I’m writing which results in me abandoning the story altogether. I think, without wanting to sound arrogant, that I am good at creating stories. I simply need to keep believing in the story I am writing. Even if the story isn’t perfect, I can turn it around by improving in every chapter. Taking my time will help, too. Giving myself the chance to constantly ‘polish’ (as my tutor would say) will make me proud in the work I produce. In the case of my POTC story, someone read my chapter and said that they thought it was well written and I feel that if I had written more than I would have received even better reviews which may have motivated me to write more. I have a friend who, as far as I know, still writes about characters she created two or more years ago. She has hundreds of thousands of views on Wattpad and people seem to love her work! That is something to be admired because she kept at it because it’s what she loves doing.

I keep having ideas for short storied appear in my head. Sometimes they don’t even have a decisive narrative, just a theme. For example, I had an idea, out of nowhere, for a crossover between Game of Thrones and Doctor Who. I had no ideas about a story whatsoever, but I thought it would be interesting to write about. I also started a short story on Wattpad about a girl who has just murdered someone. Again, no narrative, just a theme.

So, yeah. Oh god, I hate concluding! If there’s anything I’m going to finally state about my projectile word vomit, then it would be that I need to believe in myself more and continue to do the things I love doing: meeting friend; getting involved in a new fandom and getting excited over things, no matter how small or simple :)


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How do I do a ‘happy’?

Okay, so you’ve probably found this, looked at the title and straight up thought what the fuck. However, the title is self-explanatory: how does one become happy?

Recently it feels like I’ve woken up from a dream of constant uncertainty and paranoia over where my life is going. I was worried about university, relationships, being apart from people, my future…but something happened which I cannot explain that has lifted that dark cloud of fear and anxiety.

I’ve come to realise that I needn’t worry about how other people see me. If you’ve seen my first post on this blog then you’ll see that I essentially classified myself as ‘stupid’ because I study a Media subject. I then went on to say how that assumption was wrong.

Media is something I’ve always had an interest in. When I was at college I enjoyed the lessons and it was the subject I got the best grades in. But I was always worried that my taking it to higher education was a bad idea. This wasn’t because I wanted to do something else – this was because I was worried that people would judge me and think me stupid because I wasn’t doing a science or humanities subject. Because of this I felt dumbed down and worthless. However, now I know that I am smart and I’m happy because this is a subject I love and want to pursue as a career option.

Another thing I’m trying to work on with regards to my own character is my judgement of others. I feel that more often than not we trouble ourselves with the trivial problems of other people. We see someone in the street and we don’t like the look of them so we make comments on how they should live their life just because it’s not the way we would want to live our own lives. As I said, this way of thinking is trivial because we’re concerning ourselves with other people’s business and this feeds in to unnecessary negative thinking. I am completely guilty of having done this.

Leading on from the topic of not feeding in to negative energy, another thing I have decided to focus on is to always look at the positives. If you’re feeling shit then the only person who can make you feel better is you. It’s so cliché to say ‘stay positive’, but making the best out of bad situation will (hopefully) help you. For instance, I figured that if I don’t get a job in the field I want to work in I can get a job somewhere else and still earn a decent salary. It’s this type of thinking which keeps me optimistic. Failing at one thing does not mean that your life is over.

If I’m going to attempt to round this off without it sounding like a conclusion to an academic essay, I would say that I’ve learnt to ignore the trivial issues of other people and focus on yourself. Getting concerned with other people will not make you happier. Thinking negatively of the world will not make you happy, either. Unfortunately, the only person who can make you happy is you.


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Will not move from this sofa.

I am currently looking a bit like a hobo sat in day old clothes at half 11 on a Thursday morning. OH WELL! But, to be fair, it’s really cold and I want to stay warm.

I’ve been thinking about things that I can put on my blog which differs from me just talking about my day-to-day life. As a Media Production student, I feel it would be rude to not put up a film review every now and then. I’m considering putting up reviews on different products. What they will be is undecided, but the ideas I have in mind are phone apps; make-up; clothing and other various bits and pieces. I’m just starting out with this blog so what I put up over the next few weeks might not necessarily relate to one another, but I’m sure I’ll find a ‘theme’ sooner or later.

I currently have absolutely no plans for today. Obviously, I have to actually get up off the sofa at some point. Will probably shower and then get back to grips with putting make-up on. I have a bad habit of having these eye make-up looks ready in my head that don’t actually work in real life.

I’m pleased that I’m going home on Sunday. I have to go back in to uni on Friday, but I think I’ll survive a 6 hour round trip. I could have just waited in my halls of residence until next week, but I just want to get back and spend as much time as I can with my family. N’aww, aren’t I sweet? I’m going to meet up with my oldest friend so we can go Christmas shopping. I’ve decided on what I’m going to get most of the people I know. I’m having my girl friends come over at some point so I’ll get them a small something each.

I’m off to get myself changed and watch a film.


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Winter is Coming

Yesterday my plan of action was to get up early(ish), go to Primark for 9 to get myself a jumper and a dress, then get back to my flat to revise.

So I set my alarm for about 8, only to turn it off after snoozing it twice. I then woke up properly when my boyfriend rang me at ten past 9. Yeah, my routine went out the window before I even got out of bed. I then did typical human things like have breakfast and wash up, then plodded off into town.

The dress I was after was actually featured in the November Haul video by CutiePieMarzia. When I say she had the dress I was all over the place (I love Marzia). Anyway…

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 21.21.48

So I go in to Primark after getting some eyeliner from Boots (I’m bringing the flicking eyes back) I tried the dress on. What was disappointing was that I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I would have got it anyway but then I would have felt guilty about spending a lot on myself so close to Christmas.

After about an hour of not doing Spanish revision, I went for an appointment at the sport therapy clinic at my uni’s sport centre. I got pulled about a little bit and was out of the clinic after half an hour. I paid for a full four but apparently the other half hour was so the therapist could write notes…

Yeah, I feel a little robbed, but it was kind of helpful.

Apparently there’s nothing wrong with my back, but the therapist gave me some exercises to do to loosen my back up. I also need to improve my posture because I slouch too much #tallpeoplewhousetheinternettoomuchproblems. But in all honesty, most of my time is spent slouching over a laptop, which isn’t good.

The only sport I do at university is Jitsu, which I don’t want to go to with a stiff back as I don’t want to make it worse. This is frustrating because I need to attend in order to progress. There is a grading session this Saturday, which is where I would be able to go up a belt if I prove I know my stuff. However, I’d rather go feeling confident with my skills :)

As I’m here, I might as well update you on what I did today. Well, first, I nearly left the flat to return some library books without actually having said books on me. Then I nearly left to get my washing without the bucket I use to actually carry it back with me.

And on the point of washing; I genuinely see people come into the laundry and they put their clean washing back in the bag that they use their dirty washing for. Just…what?

I have to admit that I feel a bit demotivated at the moment. I have a Spanish test tomorrow morning and I need about 40% overall to pass. I should be okay as long as my listening and reading tests go well. However, we have to write 70-100 words about ourselves at the end of the test and that’s the thing I’m really dreading. I’m working on my grammar at the moment, but wish I had revised here and there over the last few weeks. I did have an assignment to write which was stressful, though. But if I need to resit, then that’s what I’ll do.

In this “new me” thing I’m doing, I’m focusing on the more positive things. I think that even in the worst situations you should find something positive. I believe people get so pent up when things go wrong that they then take it out on themselves or other people. I’m trying to develop a mindset where even in the most shitty situations, something positive will come out of it – even if the positive thing doesn’t relate to the negative. For instance, if I have a crappy Christmas (unlikely, but who knows?) then at least I can meet up with some friends, go out and have fun. Not do so good on first assignment? I can take note of what went wrong and make sure to not repeat my mistakes in my next assignment. Even tomorrow…if I don’t feel I did well on my Spanish test, it’s okay because I’m going to the cinema later to watch Catching Fire (I’ll let you know how that goes, by the way).

Hasta luego!


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